Windows 11 computers are out but we will continue to support Windows 10 as long as enough members stay with it – Microsoft will maintain support for at least five years.

Win 11A – Intro
In October 2021, Windows 11 was released. In some ways it is a very different system from Windows 10 and requires hardware that many Windows 10 users lack. We’ll start with how to perform some fundamental tasks and then focus on what has changed from Windows 10. While Win 11 at first may look daunting, most of your Win 10 apps and basic structure remain. If you have a Windows 11 laptop, please bring it to use during the class. We have three (two laptops, one desktop) but the instructor may need one of these.
Platform: Windows 11.

Win 11B – Settings
This class will get you started on the tools and techniques to make your PC work the way YOU want it to. Topics covered will include: customization and personalization, settings, task bar and start menu, privacy, security, and types of accounts. Bring your questions and problems too. This class is a follow-up to the Win 10A – Intro class (which you should take first!). If you have a Windows 11 laptop, please bring it to use during the class – we don’t have extra Win 11 PCs.
Platform: Windows 11.

Win 11C – Apps
In this class we will cover some of the apps that are included in Windows 11. Some will require a Microsoft account; others can be used in a local account. We’ll try to cover apps that are new in Windows 11. We will be using the latest versions of Windows 11 – Microsoft seems to be continually releasing new apps. You should take Win 11A and 11B before taking this one.
Platform: Windows 11.