Windows 10 – Basics

Win 10A – Intro

If you still feel uncomfortable with Windows 10, maybe you need a refresher class to go over all the changes, or maybe your Windows 7 computer is now unsupported by Microsoft. We’ll start with how to perform some fundamental tasks with this new operating system and then focus on what is different from earlier versions of Windows. We will be using the latest version: v2004. The club has enough Windows 10 computers for everyone, but if you have a Windows 10 laptop, feel free to bring it to the class.

Platform: Windows 10.

Win 10B – Customization

Did you know that you can make Windows 10 look a lot like Windows 7? How about making it look a lot like Windows 8? Most users want to be somewhere in between. This class will get you started on the tools and techniques to make your PC look and be the way YOU want it. Topics covered will include: customization and personalization, settings, task bar and start menu, privacy, security, and types of accounts. We will be using the latest version:  v2004. Bring your questions and problems too. If you have a Windows 10 laptop feel free to bring it to use during the class. This class is a follow-up to the Win 10A – Intro class (which you should take first!).

Platform: Windows 10.

Win 10C – Apps

In this class we will cover some of the apps that are included in Windows 10; the focus will be on those that are new. Some will include apps that require a Microsoft account, such as Calendar and Mail; others can be used in a local account. Some of the covered apps are Calendar, Edge, Groove Music, Mail, Paint 3D, Snip & Sketch, Store and Your Phone. We will be using the latest version of Windows 10: v2004. You should take Win 10A and 10B before taking this one.

Platform: Windows 10.

Win 10D – Files

One of the major causes of computer users’ frustration is a lack of experience and/or understanding of how a computer stores things. This is true for documents, pictures, apps, music, etc. All this can be lumped under the broad heading of “file management.” In this class you’ll learn how and where files are stored, accessed, and manipulated in Windows 10 using File Explorer. We will cover several methods to accomplish the basic tasks of folder creation, copy, move, delete, paste, cut, search, multiple select, etc. There should be ample time for practice. This class will use the “ribbon” interface to File Explorer rather than the classical menu/tool bars. We will also cover the File History app that provides a partial backup. You should take Win 10A and 10B before taking this one.

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