Merlin Anderson Outstanding Contributor Award

Award Winners

Steven Pruess

September 2016

Dianne Thomson

September 2016

John Dwyer

September 2016

Rand Hoffman

November 2017

Philip Opdenbrouw

November 2019

Harold Baker

November 2019

Walt Obremski

November 2021

Mike Dittl

November 2023

Quail Creek Computer Club

Merlin Anderson Outstanding Contributor Award Criteria

The following will serve as criteria for the nomination and consideration of all candidates for the Quail Creek Computer Club (QCCC) Outstanding Contributor (OC) award.

  1. The candidate will be or have been a QCCC member in good standing for 3 of the last 5 years.
    • Good standing means that the candidate will have had an active membership and be current in all dues.
  2. The candidate must be recommended by his/her peers (current QCCC members), or by at least two board of directors members, or by two current QCCC monitors.
  3. The candidate should have had active participation:
    • in at least three open labs and/or three help clinics per year or
    • be an instructor or
    • a monitor or
    • have made significant contributions to the clubs activities in the last 18 months.
      • Significant activities might include program committee chair, publicity
        chair, education/training chair etc.
  4. Candidates should have met at least two of the above criteria (item 3 above) for consideration by the board.
    • Candidates for awards must be approved for recognition by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
    • Recognition will be by the adding of their name to the club’s QCCC plaque and award of a complimentary lifetime membership in the QCCC.
    • Any or all award criteria may be overridden by a two thirds majority of BOD members.

All award criteria is highly recommended but not mandatory.