Past Presentations


09/21/2021: Link to Steve Sanford’s “Cutting the Cord” presentation: 

Cutting the Cord. (pdf, 27 slides)


11/19/2019: Links to topics of Steve Sanford’s presentation “Cutting the Cord”:

Cutting the Cord Presentation. (pdf, 39 slides)

Cutting The Cord Presentation Rev 1a. (pdf, 22 slides)

Streaming info (pdf, 12 pp.)

10/15/2019: Link to Steve Pruess’ slides for his program at the October meeting: “Using-the-QCCC-Website”. (pdf, 23 slides)

04/23/2019: Link to James Goodall’s slides for his program at the April meeting: A virtual tour of the multiple observatories at Kitt Peak. (pdf, 46 pages)

03/19/2019: Link to Jon Roberson’s slides for his program at the March meeting: “Past–Present–Future: A Cox Discussion”. (pdf, 13 pages)

02/26/2019: Link to Chuck Gorley’s slides for his program at the February meeting: “CES 2019 (Home Automation)”. (pdf, 31 pages)


10/16/2018: Links to Jim Burkstrand’s presentation “Alternatives to Office Software”. (pdf, 25 pages)

04/24/2018: Link to a presentation by Kathy Konecny et al from the Joyner Library “Using the e-Library”. (pdf, 11 pages)


10/17/2017: Link for a presentation by Mike Howard (IT Works Computer Solutions) on Apple’s latest operating systems and product lineup. (pdf, 63 pages)

04/18/2017: Link for Mike Dittl’s presentation on “Digital Security…a Few Thoughts”. (pdf, 30 pages)

02/21/2017: Link for the presentation of Dianne Thomson et al on “Travel Apps”. (pdf, 8 pages)

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