Photoshop Elements 1

This class and its follow-up will show the post-processing power of Adobe’s Photoshop Elements, the premier software for beginning or advanced photographers. PSE has two main components: photo organization and photo editing. The first class starts with the editing component using guided-mode: this mode allows you to choose a certain effect such as brightness, color level, or sharpness and then move a slider to see a range of changes to your image. You pick the optimal one and then move to another effect. Later we’ll move to more advanced use of the software, which could include selecting parts of your picture for special treatment, using adjustment layers for flexibility in editing, merging photos, removing wrinkles and spots, restoring old photos and using histograms for more precise control. The organizer part of PSE includes importing photos, tagging by subject face recognition and rating your photos. These factors allows you to find your photos fast.

Prerequisite: you will find it quite useful if you have experience with Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder prior to using Elements.  Taking one of the entry level image editing classes or some equivalent editing experience is also recommended.

Platform: Mac or PC (if you have the software, please bring your own laptop).


Photoshop Elements 2

This is a continuation of the Photoshop Elements 1 class that you should take first.

Prerequisite: Photoshop Elements 1.

Platform: Mac or PC (if you have the software please bring your own laptop).


Photoshop Elements 3 – Workshop

This third class of the Photoshop Elements series will be a hands-on learning experience. By using and modifying student photos, we will focus on the most-often used features of this powerful photo editing software package from Adobe. Everyone is encouraged to bring photos that they feel would be helped in some way in the ‘digital darkroom’. Some of the issues to consider are under/overexposure, contrast, restoration of old photos, camera and/or picture distortion, color balance, etc. Perhaps, some artistic modifications to photos will be included. The goal is to learn the techniques that will make Photoshop Elements more manageable at home.

Prerequisite: Photoshop Elements 1 and 2.

Platform: Mac, PC.