Microsoft Word

Word 1

This is a two-hour class for people who want an overview of word processing using the ribbon interface. We will practice how to set up, format, spell-check, save & retrieve, copy and paste, insert and delete, etc. The software used will be a post-2010 version of Microsoft Office that drops the old menu and tool bars of pre-2007 versions.

Platform: PC.


Word 2

Learn intermediate level word processing techniques such as more powerful formatting options, how to use the ruler bar and tabs, symbol insert, templates, headers and footers, borders, and more. All will be done with the ribbon interface.

Platform: PC.


Word 3

The focus is on tables, how to create, edit and format them. Learn how to sort by columns, do simple column arithmetic operations, and how to achieve better alignment control.

Platform: PC.


Word 4

This class will focus on Microsoft Word images – how to insert them into documents, manipulate them, and flow text around them. We’ll be using Pictures, Clip Art Images, AutoShapes, Callouts, and Word Art from the drawing tool.

Platform: PC.

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