You must first join the club before you can sign up for a class.  Also, if you are not logged in, you must do that.

Class sign-ups must be made online from our website

If you are having problems with this approach, please attend an Open Lab and a monitor will help you.

Currently there are two ways to sign up for a class:

(1a) through the calendar: under Education on the navigation menu at the top of the home page, click Calendar.


(1b) through the list of classes: under Education on the navigation bar at the top of the home page, click List_of_Classes.

In either case,

(2) Find the date and time of the class you want.

(3) Click the class name (not the date or time).

(4) If your household has several members using the same account (email address), then in the Spaces box select the total number of them signing up for this class and list names in the Comment section just below.

(5) Click the blue box below the Comment section to “complete the sign-up.”

(6) Your request must be confirmed by the club.  This will occur via email.

Note 1: If you are already signed up for this class then at step (4) the system will inform you of this and not let you repeat the sign up.

Note 2: For classes requiring lab computers there is a limit on the number of students per section due to

  • space limitations,
  • hardware/software limitations,
  • the nature of the class.

When a class size reaches its capacity, signups will no longer be allowed – you will see an appropriate message at step (4) and you will not be allowed to sign up. If someone on the class list cancels, then signups will once again be permitted.