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How do I join the Quail Creek Computer Club?

First open a browser app such as Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox and navigate to the club’s website at

You are now looking at our Home Page.  We’ll show two ways of joining; your choice will depend on what device you are currently using.  If you are using a mouse, you might prefer  the first method; if you don’t like drop-down menus or you are using a touchscreen, then the second method might be better for you.

Method 1: in the upper right is the Account menu; under this drop-down menu are several options that may include: Log In, Log Out and Create an Account.

You can’t log in until you register, so click/tap the bottom choice: Create an Account..

Method 2: in the next section, there is a block labelled Join US (you may have to scroll the screen down to see it.

Either method takes you to the Create an Account screen.  There is a brief discussion of dues (you can find more detail below).  Then we will take your account info.

Under Account Details

  • Username (can be an alias)
  • Email Address (this serves as your account ID)
  • Enter Password
  • Confirm Password (type it again)

Under Profile Details

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Quail Creek Address
  • Other Household Members on the Account (using the same email address) – we prefer that members of the same household register separately using different usernames and email addresses.
  • Your hardware, software, etc.
  • Quail Creek POA waiver
  • Computer Club Certification

For the last two, make sure you click the circles next to the “I/we agree” at the top of each section.  If you do NOT agree, then you can’t join the club.

When you are finished, click the blue Complete Sign Up box in the bottom right.

In a short time you should receive an email acknowledgment that your request to join is being processed. Your status will remain “pending” until your dues are paid. Once they have been paid your membership is good through December 31 of the current year. Sometimes there are special deals that reduce the dues amount for a new member who joins after September 1.

If you are enrolling at the Computer Club studio, give your membership fee to a Club Monitor.

If you are enrolling at home,  mail your dues to:

Mike Dittl
1976 E Orchid Lane

For queries, contact

Once dues are paid, your membership will be fully activated and you should receive an email to that effect.  You can now sign up for classes.

If you are having trouble with any part of this process, attend one of our Open Labs and one of our monitors will help you.

How do I renew my membership?

Current dues for renewing members are $20 per calendar year for a household.
If you are renewing at the Computer Club studio, give your membership fee to a Club Monitor. To renew on our website:

Log into your account.

Renew Registration by Selecting “Subscriptions” Above, then “Renew”

Select Pay with Check, Cash, or Credit Card and then click on the Register/Renew box, then Submit.

If you would like to mail your dues, send to:

Mike Dittl/QCCC
1976 E Orchid Lane

Your membership will expire on December 31 of the new year; however, we provide a 30 grace period.

For queries, email the Member Chair at

How do I sign up for classes?

You must first join the club before you can sign up for a class.  Also, if you are not logged in, you must do that.

Class sign-ups must be made online from our website

If you are having problems with this approach, please attend an Open Lab and a monitor will help you.

Currently there are two ways to sign up for a class:

(1a) through the calendar: under Education on the navigation menu at the top of the home page, click Calendar.


(1b) through the list of classes: under Education on the navigation bar at the top of the home page, click List_of_Classes.

In either case,

(2) Find the date and time of the class you want.

(3) Click the class name (not the date or time).

(4) If your household has several members using the same account (email address), then in the Spaces box select the total number of them signing up for this class and list names in the Comment section just below.

(5) Click the blue box below the Comment section to “complete the sign-up.”

(6) Your request must be confirmed by the club.  This will occur via email.

Note 1: If you are already signed up for this class then at step (4) the system will inform you of this and not let you repeat the sign up.

Note 2: For classes requiring lab computers there is a limit on the number of students per section due to

  • space limitations,
  • hardware/software limitations,
  • the nature of the class.

When a class size reaches its capacity, signups will no longer be allowed – you will see an appropriate message at step (4) and you will not be allowed to sign up. If someone on the class list cancels, then signups will once again be permitted.

How do I cancel a class signup?

You must be a member and be logged in to carry out these tasks.

To cancel a booking (sign-up): on the navigation menu

  1. click the entry Account at the upper right.
  2. Below is the Events block with four bullets. Click the first entry Classes I am attending.
  3. Now you see a list of the classes you are currently signed up for. Find the block you want to cancel and click the Delete at the beginning of the row.

How do I find out the number of available seats for a class?

Click the orange-colored numerical Date in the upper left corner of a calendar entry. This will provide a list of classes that day and how many of their seats remain before the capacity is reached.

For example: clicking the Date (14) in the following block

How do I login? How do I know I’m logged in?
Method 1:

At the far right of the navigation menu (top of screen) is the Account drop-down menu. Under this menu are two options:

(a) If you are logged in, you will see

(b) If you are not logged in then you will see

Method 2:

When logged in, your account name and Log Out can be seen on several other screens, such as Minutes, Help, and Contact Us. This is what it looks like:

When you are not logged in, these will show Log In boxes.

Method 3:

Click the Account menu on the right end of the navigation bar to open your Account. At the end of the line starting with Home, click the Logout there.