Google Earth 1, 2

Google Earth 1

This free software package from Google not only gives you the same features as their online maps do (roads, satellite photos, points of interest, etc.) but can be “tilted” to provide 3-D representations of terrain. You probably know that Google collects satellite images and has vehicles traveling the world taking ground level photos. Google Earth is the app that changes this data into a virtual reality that allows you to wander the world (or at least the parts where it’s allowed to do this). Behind all this you can access an encyclopedia of information as to what you are seeing. We’ll cover how to get the software, set it up, and practice a few basic techniques. The remaining time will be spent experimenting with what it can do and how you can use it on Earth, our Moon, Mars, and in outer space.

Platform: Mac or PC.


Google Earth 2

This class is a follow-up to Google Earth 1, which you should take first. We’ll delve more deeply into the features of this free app, such as using placemarks and recording a tour. We’ll practice using more of the many layers; for example, Places, Roads and Transportation, Gallery, and the catch-all “More”. Finally, we’ll see some interesting things you can do with Google Streets that you probably would never think of trying.

Platform: Mac or PC.

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