Excel-1 Introduction – Part 1 of 2

This course introduces the features and basics of spreadsheets. The audience is those with limited or no experience with Excel. Examine and use the ribbon interface. Understand the worksheet grid, cell reference, the power of simple formulas and the SUM function, the order of operations, how to edit cells and manipulate worksheets. The software used will be the latest version of Office 365.

Platform: PC.


Excel-2 Introduction – Part 2 of 2

This course is a continuation of Intro to Excel – Part 1. More operations with cells, rows and columns will be explored including moving/copying cell contents and using the fill command. Formatting is introduced using the Home ribbon, the format cells dialog box, the format painter and the re-sizing of columns and rows. The class concludes with a comprehensive formatting exercise.

Platform: PC.


Excel 3 Tables and Charts

This course introduces the concept of tables and their use in organizing, analyzing and presenting information. The student will learn how to insert, populate, search, sort and filter data in a table. Charts are introduced as a technique for summarizing and presenting data from a table. Students learn to select a chart type and how to customize chart elements.

Platform: PC.


Excel- 4 Printing

This course presents the basics of printing from Excel. How to control page breaks, create custom headers and footers, how to use the three different page views, the use of page setup settings, how to ‘make it fit the page’, and how to ‘print’ one or more sheets to a pdf file.

Platform: PC.


Excel- 5 Functions

Excel includes a rich assortment of functions that perform a variety of computations from financial to statistical to math and trig. In this course the student learns how to select and use functions. Several useful functions will be presented including the CONCAT, AVERAGE, COUNT, PMT and the IF function. Nested functions and absolute cell reference are also introduced.

Platform: PC.


Excel-6 Workshop

Do you keep personal records for your health, finances, hobby, home and vehicle maintenance? Excel has a multitude of practical uses from simple forms, logs, records, and analysis sheets to calculators, financial schedules and more involved multiple-workbook applications. This workshop will explore several practical examples of Excel spreadsheets and the use of Excel templates to expedite the creation of a new spreadsheet.

Platform: PC.


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