This session is designed to be a wide open help session. We will have people from both the camera club and the computer club on hand to answer your questions and to help you improve your digital photography and increase your fun.

Students to bring camera, manual if they have one, laptop with their software (if they have one), and/or photos they have problems with. Bring your photos on a memory stick.
Students ask their questions. We will be prepared for a wide variety of questions, such as “when should I change the f/stop”, “why shoot with a fixed shutter speed”, “can I brighten this photo”, “how can I sharpen this photo”, “how do I size this photo for an email”, “how do I crop and size this photo for printing an 8×10 photo” and “how do I change the background”. You may find that some of the answers will require you to work with different software than you are used to.
Platform: PC.