You must be an instructor and be logged into the web site to add a class to the schedule.  (Note: several screenshots are displayed below; these can be enlarged by a single click on the image.)

To add a new class to the website, first click the Account menu at the top right of your screen.  On the right side of the screen you should see the My Events block. There are four bullets below this, We’ll be working through the second one in this FAQ, so click Classes I am Teaching.

In the upper right you should see the Add New button; click this to open the form (if you can’t see the Add New then you probably aren’t classified as an instructor in which case you should contact

Most of the form should be straightforward:

An asterisk * near or under a text box means data is required.

Enter the class title (or Open Lab) in the Event Name box

Under When, checking a recurring event will open another box that leads you through the steps for this (if you find this to be very frustrating, start over and do one event at a time).  Otherwise, fill in From/to (date – usually the same for us) and Starts/to (start time and end time).

Under Where/Location Name, if you type the two letters Qu, the box will be auto-filled to the CATC address; click the box to select.

Under Details, click the Visual tab in the upper right and add a description (usually taken from the Class Catalog by Copy & Paste).  You may edit this if you wish but don’t get too far from the original.

Under Category: for an Open Lab select (click) the Open Labs entry to highlight it.

For a class, multiple-select each of the two Classes entries (one is for the calendar and the other is for the list of classes).  If you don’t want one of these options then just check the one you do want. Normally you want both.

Under Bookings/Registration, check the box “Enable registration for this event” to allow people to sign-up (leave it blank for Open Labs).  This opens new options controlling the bookings.

Under Tickets, you can change the class capacity from 10 to something else by clicking Edit in the first column. Then change the value for Spaces.

Next we need to restrict classes to registered dues-paying members, so scroll further down the page to the line starting with “Available for”; change “Everyone” to “Logged In Users”. This opens a long list of Roles: click the one for “Member”.

You probably don’t want to mess with the rest; however, one thing you should check is the value for the Booking Cutoff Date (near the bottom of the form). Having it blank defaults to the beginning of the class, so that’s a safe value.

Double-check all your entries. If you see a solid red box to the left of Standard/Edit under the Tickets heading that means there is an error. Try closing the process (Publish), refresh the system (spiraling arrow icon) and open it up again.

When you are sure everything is OK, click Submit Event.

Frequent errors:

  • On the Calendar, Check the shading of your new event; it should be blue for a standard class, pink for an Open Lab, yellow for a meeting.
  • If your class doesn’t show up on the Calendar then you forgot to click the check box in the Category area below Details above.  If it doesn’t show on the List of Classes then you forgot to check its box.